Optional Bigcommerce Fields Supported by Solid Commerce

This article lists all of the optional Bigcommerce fields available to you through the Solid Commerce platform.

NOTE: The list does not include required fields. We explain the required fields the related article Creating New Listings on Bigcommerce Using a Spreadsheet.


What we'll cover:

  1. Using Optional Bigcommerce Fields
  2. Table of Optional Bigcommerce Fields
  3. Related Articles

Using Optional Bigcommerce Fields

To use an optional Bigcommerce field, create the corresponding product attribute in your Solid Commerce account. See the table below for the correct product attribute names. The data you enter in the product attributes must be formatted to meet Bigcommerce's specifications.

To update an optional field on an active listing, first revise the product attribute field in Solid Commerce. Next, select the listings you want to update in your My Store Market List and click the Update Listings button.

For more information about Product Attributes, please see Creating and Using Custom Product Attributes.

Table of Optional Bigcommerce Fields

When you create your product attributes in Solid Commerce, use the Solid Commerce Product Attribute Names from this table.

To populate product data in a spreadsheet, copy the Product Attribute Spreadsheet Column Headers and paste them in your file.

Field Names
Solid Commerce
Product Attribute Names
Product Attribute
Spreadsheet Column Headers
Valid Values
id bigc product id product attribute:bigc product id  
search_keywords bigc search_keywords product attribute:bigc search_keywords

String:A comma-separated list of keywords that can be used to locate the product when searching the store.

minLength: 0
maxLength: 65535
availability_description bigc availability_description product attribute:bigc availability_description

String:Availability text displayed on the checkout page, under the product title. Tells the customer how long it will normally take to ship this product, such as: ‘Usually ships in 24 hours.’

minLength: 0
maxLength: 255
sort_order bigc sort_order product attribute:bigc sort_order

Priority to give this product when included in product lists on category pages and in search results. Lower integers will place the product closer to the top of the results.

is_featured bigc is_featured product attribute:bigc is_featured True or False
related_products bigc related_products product attribute:bigc related_products  
inventory_warning_level bigc inventory_warning_level product attribute:bigc inventory_warning_level

Inventory warning level for the product. When the product’s inventory level drops below the warning level, the store owner will be informed. Simple inventory tracking must be enabled (see the inventory_tracking field) for this to take any effect.

minimum: 0
maximum: 1000000000
warranty bigc warranty product attribute:bigc warranty

Warranty information displayed on the product page. Can include HTML formatting.

minLength: 0
maxLength: 65535
fixed_cost_shipping_price bigc fixed_cost_shipping_price product attribute:bigc fixed_cost_shipping_price

A fixed shipping cost for the product. If defined, this value will be used during checkout instead of normal shipping-cost calculation.

minimum: 0
is_free_shipping bigc is_free_shipping product attribute:bigc is_free_shipping True or False
inventory_tracking bigc inventory_tracking product attribute:bigc inventory_tracking

The type of inventory tracking for the product. Values are: none - inventory levels will not be tracked; product - inventory levels will be tracked using the inventory_level and inventory_warning_level fields; variant - inventory levels will be tracked based on variants, which maintain their own warning levels and inventory levels.

Allowed Values: none, product, variant
page_title bigc page_title product attribute:bigc page_title  
meta_keywords bigc meta_keywords product attribute:bigc meta_keywords  
meta_description bigc meta_description product attribute:bigc meta_description  
layout_file bigc layout_file product attribute:bigc layout_file  
is_price_hidden bigc is_price_hidden product attribute:bigc is_price_hidden True or False
price_hidden_label bigc price_hidden_label product attribute:bigc price_hidden_label  
date_modified bigc date_modified product attribute:bigc date_modified  
event_date_field_name bigc event_date_field_name product attribute:bigc event_date_field_name  
event_date_type bigc event_date_type product attribute:bigc event_date_type  
event_date_start bigc event_date_start product attribute:bigc event_date_start  
event_date_end bigc event_date_end product attribute:bigc event_date_end  
myob_asset_account bigc myob_asset_account product attribute:bigc myob_asset_account  
myob_income_account bigc myob_income_account product attribute:bigc myob_income_account  
myob_expense_account bigc myob_expense_account product attribute:bigc myob_expense_account  
peachtree_gl_account bigc peachtree_gl_account product attribute:bigc peachtree_gl_account  
condition bigc condition product attribute:bigc condition  
is_condition_shown bigc is_condition_shown product attribute:bigc is_condition_shown  
preorder_release_date bigc preorder_release_date product attribute:bigc preorder_release_date  
is_preorder_only bigc is_preorder_only product attribute:bigc is_preorder_only  
preorder_message bigc preorder_message product attribute:bigc preorder_message  
order_quantity_minimum bigc order_quantity_minimum product attribute:bigc order_quantity_minimum  
order_quantity_maximum bigc order_quantity_maximum product attribute:bigc order_quantity_maximum  
open_graph_type bigc open_graph_type product attribute:bigc open_graph_type  
open_graph_description bigc open_graph_description product attribute:bigc open_graph_description  
is_open_graph_thumbnail bigc is_open_graph_thumbnail product attribute:bigc is_open_graph_thumbnail  
date_last_imported bigc date_last_imported product attribute:bigc date_last_imported  
option_set_id bigc option_set_id product attribute:bigc option_set_id  
tax_class_id bigc tax_class_id product attribute:bigc tax_class_id  
option_set_display bigc option_set_display product attribute:bigc option_set_display  
bin_picking_number bigc bin_picking_number product attribute:bigc bin_picking_number  
custom_url bigc custom_url product attribute:bigc custom_url  

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  • It would be nice if we could get Product Tags and Brands to work with the API please!

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  • It would be nice if custom fields were supported.

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  • can this page be updated with valid values, or at least examples of a valid value if they are not predefined? thank you

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  • Hello Kim,

    Thank you for the feedback! We appreciate requests for improvements.

    I have emailed one of our developers to see if we might already support one or both of these fields/sections.

    I will let you know what I find out and we will move forward from there.

    Best regards,

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  • Josh, Can you provide an update on if Brands is available? We would really like to have this option please. Thanks, Kim

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  • Kim,

    Thank you for following up.

    I apologize for the delayed response. The developer I emailed originally is usually very responsive. I sent him a reminder. I will let you know what I learn.

    Thanks again,

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  • Kim,

    I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

    When creating a new listing, we push the field Manufacturer as long as the Brand already exists in Bigcommerce. Due to limitations with Bigcommerce's Product API, we are unable to create, edit or remove brands during the listing process. You can do this through the Brands section of your Bigcommerce account.

    Unfortunately, their API does not allow adding product tags when listing either. Based on my research, Bigcommerce support recommended in the past to use the Search Keywords in place of Product Tags to store your data.


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