Reconnecting to eBay When Your eBay Token Has Expired

In order to connect to Solid Commerce, eBay issues a token. The token automatically expires after a certain period of time in order to break old connections and protect your account.

This article shows you how to refresh your connection with eBay when your token expires.


Updating your eBay Token


Make sure you access the production version of our site when re-connecting to eBay ( Attempts to connect from test or beta versions of the site will fail.



1)  You'll see a notification at the bell icon of your Solid Commerce account when your token has expired or is about to expire.

2) When you get this warning, go to the Marketplaces menu -> Sales Channel Connections. Click on the eBay tab.

3) Click on the Disconnect button and then click Reconnect button.



4) In the pop up window, log into your eBay account and agree to the terms. After you complete the process, eBay will issue a new token and reconnect you.


If you do not see the pop-up window, please disable pop-up blockers for Solid Commerce and Channels Manager.


5) If you Still Get Token Expiration Warnings, even after reconnecting, repeat connection Steps 2-4.

  • eBay always issues a new token when you connect. However, we have seen instances where eBay issues short-term tokens. These might expire in as little as a few minutes, or they might last upwards of 24 hours.
  • You must continue to re-connect. Eventually, eBay will issue you a normal ticket and the warnings will stop.
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  • Instructions for having Ebay reissue a token were simple and easy to follow. Process was completed in less than 1 minute.

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  • Hi, I think you need to update this instruction because the screenshot photos presented here does not match the new interface in solidcommerce.

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  • these instruuctions are out of date

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