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Q: If I cancel an eBay order through Solid Commerce, can I also process a refund?

A: No. We actually recommend that you cancel the order directly on eBay. The status in Solid Commerce should automatically update to Cancelled, so long as the order has not already been marked Shipped in Solid Commerce. If you cancel the order through Solid Commerce, we cannot update the eBay order to cancelled. You would still have to cancel the order directly on eBay.

As far as refunds go, Solid Commerce supports eBay's return and refund process. That means you can process refunds through Solid Commerce, but only if your buyer requested the return on eBay.

The reason we need the process to originate on eBay is because we need to submit a Refund Request ID number to eBay when we ask for a refund. eBay creates the Refund Request IDs, so the refund request needs to start on eBay.


Q: Are my existing eBay listings automatically updated/affected when changes are made to the applied eBay Listing Template?

A: No they are not.

eBay Listing Templates are not directly tied to a given SKU.

If you change listing data for a single SKU after it has been loaded to your Solid Commerce account (such as an Item Specifics field, or a Shipping option), the eBay Listing Template will no longer reflect the data applied to that item. Therefore, if you would like recent changes to an eBay Listing Template to be applied you must re-apply the template through Excel ALONG with the remainder of the product specific data (i.e., eBay BIN, eBay Title, eBay Category, etc). Why? Because the final listing data pushed to eBay is a combination of both the data coming from the eBay Listing Template as well as the data that is item specific and populated in the excel. If you apply a template through excel (or on the UI for that matter) without any other data, you will override all of the product specific data that was originally uploaded.


Q: Can new eBay listings launch and/or re-list automatically?

A: New listings cannot automatically go live.

This is a safeguard measure given the “Insertion fee” imposed by eBay for every new listing launched.

The seller must access their inventory manager -> check mark the items ready to list -> click on the “List Products Now” button the first time an item is listed through Solid Commerce.

Re-lists can in fact be automated through the eBay Listing Rules. To do so, open your eBay Listing Rules (Marketplaces tab -> eBay Listing Rules) and select a rule. Under the “List on the following events” section, checkmark the option titled “Start listing when inventory is above” to automatically re-list an item. You will then set the threshold above which the system should automatically list an item in the empty box to the right. For example, if you would like the system to automatically re-list any item that has a quantity of 1 or more, type “0” in the empty box.

Please note, listings imported from eBay will not automatically re-list unless they have been listed at least once through Solid Commerce.


Q: Why am I unable to set a surcharge for USPS shipping on eBay?

A: eBay doesn't support surcharges for USPS shipping methods. Please select another shipping method if you want to include surcharge.


Q: Why am I unable to list on eBay? I get the following error message: “For security reasons please log in again.”

A: The temporary access key that eBay issued has probably expired. To get a new key, go to the Marketplaces menu> Marketplaces Setup. Click on the UPDATE EBAY USER ID button and sign in to your eBay account through the pop-up.


Q: My Order shipment tracking is not received by Half.com

A: This is an open eBay issue caused by some bad eBay machines.

For more information see: http://dev-forums.ebay.com/thread.jspa?q=Completesale&forumID=1001&threadID=500017574

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