Using eBay Strikethrough Pricing (STP) on Your Listings

eBay's Strikethrough Pricing Program allows you to display discounts on your listings. Your listings will show two prices. The higher "List Price" will have a line striking through it. The price you are charging buyers is the "Now" price. It displays below the "You save" amount, which shows the total discount.



This article will show you how to take advantage of eBay's Strikethrough Pricing (STP) Program.


What we'll cover:

  1. Enabling eBay's Strikethrough Pricing
  2. The Solid Commerce Fields Used for Strikethrough Pricing
  3. Using Strikethrough Pricing Through Solid Commerce
  4. Related Articles


Enabling eBay's Strikethrough Pricing

You must get approved by eBay to participate in eBay's Strikethrough Pricing Program.

Once your eBay account has been approved for strikethrough pricing, contact your Solid Commerce technical consultant, or Solid Commerce support. We will activate your Solid Commerce account to use this feature.


The Solid Commerce Fields Used for Strikethrough Pricing

In Solid Commerce, we submit the value you enter in the MSRP field as the "List Price" to eBay. This is the strikethrough price. We submit the value you enter in the eBay Buy It Now (eBay BIN) field as the "Now" price on eBay. eBay automatically calculates the "You save" amount.


If your eBay Buy It Now price exceeds your MSRP, the Strikethrough Pricing feature will not be utilized. Only your "Now" price will appear on the listing.



Using Strikethrough Pricing Through Solid Commerce

First, you need to populate the MSRP and eBay Buy It Now fields.


To populate them using a spreadsheet:

1) Enter values the msrp and ebay bin columns.

2) Upload your file to Solid Commerce.

  • msrp is a Product Level field. Check the Product update option during upload.
  • ebay bin is a Marketplace Level field. Check the Marketplace update option during upload.


To populate them through the user interface:

1) Navigate to your eBay Market List in the Inventory Manager.

2) Enter a value in the Buy It Now column. Click the Save button that appears.

3) Open the Product Details window by clicking the on the Product Name or pencil icon.

4) Enter your MSRP. Click the Save button at the bottom of the window.



If you are listing a new item, Strikethrough Pricing will automatically be enabled on the listing.

If you are adding Srikethrough Pricing to an active listing, select the listing in your eBay Market List and click the Update Listings button.


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