Updating the Main Image on eBay

To keep the eBay listing and updating process as fast and efficient as possible, Solid Commerce will not submit images to eBay if the URLs associated with the products have not changed. This means that if you change an image on your FTP site, but the URL to the new image is still the same as before, Solid Commerce will not re-submit the image to eBay during a relist or update. There is a work around for this issue. Please see the section "Additional" below for further instructions.



  1. Select the product you want to edit - it does not matter if you find the product in the warehouse or marketplace list.
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit product level information.
  3. A pop-up will appear with the image URL that is currently assigned to that product. In this section you can enter in the new image URL.




It is best practice to use a different file name/URL for your new image. If you simply replace the image on the hosting server, but use the same URL, Solid Commerce will not detect a change and will not update the image on eBay.

EXAMPLE: If you have an item image stored at an image hosting service, http://images.com/image1.jpg and you want to update the image on eBay, you should create a new URL: http://images.com/image2.jpg.


There is a work around to the option above only if you have no choice and must use the same URL for a different image:


  1. Remove the main image URL and save the product.
  2. Add the main image URL again and save the product.


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