Troubleshooting eBay Variation Listing Issues

The following steps can help clear issues that arise when listing or relisting eBay variations.

  1. Make sure the parent and all of the children have the correct Variation Group and Parent SKU assigned.
    • The Parent SKU should match exactly, even as far as case and any spaces or punctuation.
    • You can find the Variation Groups and Parent SKUs in the eBay Listing Details, which you can view by clicking on the Gear icon to the left of your items in your eBay Market List.
  1. See that all of the children have a value for every Product Attribute used by the Variation Group.
    • Example: If you have a “Size” variation group, the entire family will not relist if even 1 child does not have a size assigned to it.
  1. Make sure none of the children have the same exact value assigned them.
    • Example 1: In a “Size” variation group, 2 children accidentally end up with their size being “Medium”.
    • Example 2: In a multiple attribute variation group, such as a “Size and Color” group, the products can share some of the same values, but at least one value needs to be unique.  2 children can have“Blue” as their Main Color, but both cannot also be “Medium”.
  1. Check that the parent product has any required item specifics that are not part of the variation group assigned to it.
    • Example: If you have a “Size” variation group for Apparel, the parent needs to have a “Brand”assigned to.  Otherwise eBay will reject the listing as not meeting requirements.  The “Pre-fill Details” for the parent also need to be mapped for the “Brand”.
  1. Confirm that the parent does not have one of the product attributes from the eBay Variation Group populated.
    • Example: In a “Size” variation group for Women’s Apparel, you do not want to assign a “Size (Women’s)” to the parent item when that is the field being used by the drop-down menu in the listing.
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