Generating a Top Sellers Report

The Top Sellers reports include all of the products you sold during a given period of time. For each product, they report the quantity on hand and the total number of pieces sold.


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Generating a Top Sellers Report

1) In Solid Commerce, go to the Reports menu -> Sales Reports ->

  • Choose Top Sellers to produce a report that combines your sales across all marketplaces.
  • Choose Top Sellers, Grouped by Marketplace to produce a report that shows you how your products performed on each marketplace.
    • EXAMPLE: You sold 20 black electric guitars last month between Amazon and eBay.
    • The Top Sellers report for last month would have one line for the black guitar, with a total of 20 sold.
    • The Top Sellers, Grouped by Marketplace report would show the black guitar on two different lines. The line in the Amazon section would show that you sold 12 on Amazon. The line in the eBay section would show that you sold 8 on eBay.



2) In the report pop-up, enter any Start Date and End Date you want. You can use the calendar icons to pick a date or manually enter one in the fields.



3) Select PDF or Excel from the Export to drop-down menu.

  • If you select PDF, the report will load in the report window.



  • If you select Excel, an XLS file will download to your computer. Open it in Excel after it downloads.
  • Once open, some of the column headers may be cropped. To view the full headers, click on their cell, or widen the column containing the header.



The % of Total field in the reports shows each individual product's sales as a percentage of the total units sold between all the products in the report.

EXAMPLE: The sample report from our Demo account records total sales of 64 units. Our best selling product accounted for 17 of those units. 17 units is 26.56% of the 64 unit total.


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