Troubleshooting Walmart Issues

Issues Description and Solution
Items are not auto importing from Walmart

Check that Walmart Auto Import is turned on under the Marketplaces>Sales Channel Connections page.

We request an item import from Walmart twice a day: every 12 hours.

No last item activity when listing or updating items.

Check that the qty and price expressions are valid. For example qty expression may have "iq"instead of "lq", or the price expression has "cost" but the cost field is empty on the inventory level.

Check that the client has fully onboarded on Walmart, if they are not onboarded their account will not have access to the API.

Listing online in Solid Commerce but not visible on Walmart Seller Center

Check that the sku is not retired on Walmart.

Walmart Orders are not importing

We only import orders in the "Ordered" and "Acknowledged" status.

Check that the order is to be fulfilled by Seller and not Walmart

Prices are not updating

Check that the pricing rule is not set to "Do not update Walmart Prices"

 If the client participates in the CAP program (commission adjustment program), Walmart adjusts the price automatically. Check Walmart Seller Center under the Product Catalog for CAP Management details


Receiving nonstop Walmart shipment rejection warnings Check that Solid Commerce has full access in the API settings at
Items do not retrieve to Excel. Error: Cannot find walmart attributes category by

Remove any "walmart attr" columns, retrieve then re-upload to SC with the correct values for columns: walmart:category and walmart:version.

Categories for V4 can be found here:

walmart:version needs to be set to 4

Listing Error: Changing Listing Status to Offline. Reason IP - Enhanced Vetting.

IP - Enhanced Vetting means that you must be pre-approved by Walmart Trust & Safety team to sell these products. To get the pre-approval you need to contact Walmart Support and inform them that you see this error on your items.

Error: Changing Listing status to offline. Reason offer date has passed.  

Retrieve the following and ensure the date is in the future.  If it needs to be updated, Update Lisiting must be done. Make sure all required data is in Solid and the sku did not auto import!

walmart:offer end date

Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object, automation was turned off. 
  • Make sure all required Walmart fields are added.
  • Check the Walmart template for the category you are using to validate attributes.
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