How to Export Products from Channels Manager


Sometimes you want to use the filters in the Inventory Manager to filter out and export certain products rather than retrieving your entire warehouse catalog via our Excel Add-On tool.

For more information on our Excel Add-On Tool, see: Retrieving Information Using the Excel Add-In Tool


To export products from Channels Managers User Interface, follow the steps below.


1.  Go to Inventory>Inventory Manager

2. Go to either a Warehouse or a Marketlist, depending on what you are trying to export. 

   Example:  If you are trying to export Cost from a warehouse, this would make most sense to export from the Warehouse level - especially if you have different Costs in different Warehouses for the same sku.


3. Expand the + More Seach Options to reveal filter options such:  Attribute, Manufacturer, Stock Quantity or Cost range: 


4.  If you do not want to use any filters and just want to export all products, simply click the navy "Search" option, which will allow all of your products to populate. 

5.  On the far left side, choose the check box and choose either "Select all products on page" or "Select all products in search result"

    NOTE:  if you choose "Select all products on page", make sure that the "View per page" drop down is correct as it defaults to 25 items per page. 

6.  Once your products are selected, choose "Export Products" 

7. You will receive a pop-up with two options: "Standard Version" or "AddIn Tool Version"


8. For the Standard Version, choose the fields that you want to export. For attributes, you can select up to 3 at once. 

    NOTE:  Depending on what fields you export, the Standard Version headers may need to be edited if you want to re-upload the data back into Channels Manager.  You will know if the header needs to be edited if the "Turn Inline help ON" doesn't color the header yellow, orange or green.  For more infomation, you can go here.



9. For the "AddIn Tool Version", use the drop down on the top right of the popup to toggle to this option. 

    NOTE:  This version will more easily allow you to re-upload the data back into your Channels Manager account.  However, please make sure to add the "Results" column to your Excel sheet in order to upload.  

Refer to this article for more information. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to and we will assist!

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