Shopify: Reconnecting to new API version


On April 1, 2023,  Shopify requires all 3rd party integrators to upgrade to a newer version of their APIs that will introduce breaking changes to how we push tracking numbers back to Shopify from Channels Manager. 

In order to prevent interruption to tracking updates, please follow the steps to reconnect your Shopify account to Channels Manager before Wednesday, March 29th at midnight Pacific time. 


Steps to Reconnect to Shopify: 

In your Channels Manager account, navigate to Marketplaces> Sales Channel Connections> Shopify

1. Click on your Shopify connection and note or take a screen capture of any settings that you have. 

2. On the top left of the screen, choose the "Connection" tab and click "Disconnect" 


3. Now you are ready to reconnect.    Choose the Shopify US cart icon


4. Name your Shopify profile for your Channels Manager account and click Continue


5. Click Connect and this will redirect you the Solid Commerce App Page

6. Login to Shopify


7.  Click Add App

8. Click Install App



Shopify Auto Import Settings

For Import Orders Settings, choose the Start Date for Order Import as the date of the oldest Pending order on your Shopify account.   This is likely to only be 1-3 days in the past.  


1. Choose the State Date for Order Import, and toggle the Import Orders tab 

2. If you also want to import Unpaid Orders, check that box as well




  • If you're ready to import products, follow these steps:

1.  Toggle the Import Items from Shopify box.


2. Select the correct:

  • Warehouse name
  • Market list name
  • Import pricing rule

3.  If you are new to Solid Commerce, we recommend importing your listings with the Default automation status set to: Start NOT Automated.

  • With the automation off, Solid Commerce will not communicate with Shopify. We will import orders, and track quantities, but we will not send quantity or price updates to Shopify.
  • Once you are certain the quantities in Solid Commerce are correct, and are comfortable managing your inventory, prices, and listings, you are ready to turn the automation on.
    • Go to your My Store Market List in the Inventory Manager. Select all of your imported listings. Click the Start Automation button.
  • If you need to import listings on an ongoing basis, come back to this Marketplaces Setup page. Change the Default automation status to: Start Automated.


4.   Click Save.


If you have any questions or concerns, please out to support by emailing 




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