New IP Addresses for Vendors and Developers - Moving Our Servers

In order to accommodate our growing client base, we need to move our servers to a new location. The move date is Saturday September 9, 2017. As a result of the relocation, our IP addresses will change.


Will I Be Affected?

Most clients won't be affected. To move the servers, we need to shut down the platform for about 8 hours late Saturday night through early Sunday morning. The move will not result in the loss of any functionality and all pending communication with the marketplaces will process once we finish.

However, the change in IP addresses may affect you if:

  1. You have vendors connected to Solid Commerce via FTP or API.
  2. You have a Magento or WooCommerce webstore connected to Solid Commerce.
  3. You had a developer build a custom integration with Solid Commerce through our web services.

Why might you be affected? Some vendors and developers add IP addresses to a whitelist for security. If your vendor or developer whitelisted our IPs, they need to add our new IPs to their whitelist. If they don’t, communication will be disrupted after we move the servers and begin using the new IPs.


What Do I Need to Do?

If you have a vendor connection, Magento store, WooCommerce store, or custom integration, copy the canned email message below and send it to your vendors, developers, and/or website developers.

If you hired us to build a custom integration for you, you don’t need to take any action. We will ensure your integration continues to work.


Canned Email to Send to Vendors and Developers

Request to Whitelist New Solid Commerce IP Addresses: to



One of my ecommerce software providers, Solid Commerce, informed me that they are moving their servers. That means that they will be using new IP addresses.

If you don't whitelist IPs, please let me know that you don't need to take any action.

If you whitelist IP addresses when you manage FTP, API, or EDI connections, or whitelist IPs when you build webstores, please add their new IPs to the whitelist. You can keep the old IPs whitelisted as well.

Solid Commerce recommends that you whitelist their entire range of IPs: to

Please reply to me once you whitelist the new IPs.

In case you need the list of individual IPs, these are all of the IPs: 

Thank you,


What if My Vendor or Developer Has Questions?

Please forward any questions from your vendor or developer to your Growth Advisor or our support team:

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