Troubleshooting When Overstock Orders Don't Import

Here are the steps to try when orders fail to import into Solid Commerce from Overstock.

1) Modify the Start Sync Orders From DT on the Overstock Marketplaces Setup page. Make sure it isn't set to a time in the future. Click the SAVE  button.


2) Ensure that you have selected the correct Overstock version at the top of the Overstock Marketplaces Setup page. If you end up changing the version, click SAVE OVERSTOCK.

  • Partner Connect is the Old Version.
  • Supplier Oasis is the New Version.


3) Ensure that you have added at least one warehouse to the Match Fulfillment Locations to SC Warehouses section

  1. Populate the Fulfillment Location field with the name of your warehouse in Supplier OasisNOTE: This warehouse id is found in Supplier Oasis under Account Settings > Warehouse > Click "update" > Warehouse Name (not Display Name)
  2. Select a corresponding Solid Commerce Warehouse or Vendor Inventory List from the Warehouse Name in Solid Commerce drop-down.


4) Try refreshing your connection with Overstock by entering your Supplier Oasis User Name and Password into the Overstock Marketplaces Setup page again and click SAVE OVERSTOCK.


New Version: 




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