Product Release Notes: New Dashboard Reports

In early 2017, we will release a new dashboard with an overview of your ecommerce business statics.


The new Dashboard contains 4 reports:

  1. Total Sales
  2. Total Orders
  3. SKU Coverage
  4. Top Products


Total Sales

The total sales graph shows your total sales or gross merchandise value. We display your GMV per marketplace over the selected period time.



Total Orders

The Total Orders graph displays your total orders based on selected period of time. You can view the report by order status or by all marketplaces.



SKU Coverage

The SKU Coverage graph displays your total number of SKUs versus your number of listed SKUs. Each color-coded bar shows the number of listed SKUs per marketplace.



Top Products

The Top Products report displays your top selling products in the selected time frame. We give you the option to view your products by dollar amount sold or by quantity sold.



The amount of products displayed is as little as 5 and up to 20, depending on your screen resolution.





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